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The story

Baking isn’t my professional background but it is my true passion. Since my youngest age, I have been baking with so much joy, together with my little brother.  “L’amour de la bonne cuisine” runs in the family DNA.

10 years ago after graduating with a MBA in Luxury Brand Management I was leaving France (my home country). During these years, I was working for big corporates and at last for an international luxury group in Amsterdam. I learnt so much, met incredible people, and had loads of fun.

Christmas 2018, I quit my job to focus on my own project. Like for many others, entrepreneurship has (absolutely) not began as a straight road for me. It was more of a very bumpy ride. On top of issues related to the company itself, I had to face health problems that prevented me from walking and moving for many months: the darkest period of my life.

But as they say “what does not kill you makes you stronger”, which is 100% true. My biggest source of joy right now: knowing that you are enjoying Good Bear Cookies.