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Special Offer

Biological eggs

All day in a cage? No way. Freedom is requested for all the chickens who kindly provide us with their eggs <3

Biological flour

We source our flour in France in a family owned mill since 4 generations. The owners embrace the same values as we do: focus on quality, high standards, pure passion for what they do. It’s a match 🙂

Valrhona chocolate

Outstanding chocolate is key to bake one- of-a-kind cookies. Valrhona is a French company famous around the world. Almost every well-known « chefs pâtissiers » around the globe uses Valrhona when it comes to chocolate. The outstanding quality of their products and their capacity to constantly innovate makes Valrhona the ideal « choco-partner ».

Biological butter

We only use 100% pure butter to bake our cookies (no oil or other cheap fat). This is how they get such an amazing taste and smell.
Tip: Hold our cookie in your hand and smell the butt: you’ll understand what we mean 🤪

Product origins

Animal well-being is crucial for us. We only support (and therefore, use) brands that commit to the « Beter Leven » label and score 3/3, which is the maximum.

Because Laura (owner of Good Bear) is French, we use a couple of products that come from France.

When possible, we always go for organic ingredients. Better for humans, animals and the planet.