Blond chocolate

Dulcey chocolate (also called blond chocolate) is toasty and creamy. It tastes like biscuit. It’s so special that we decided not to put anything else on the Teddy.


Good Bear

Gianduja & macadamia

Do you know Gianduja? It’s the Italian version of French Praliné. Creamy and smooth, with power. And an exclusive chocolate should be coupled with an exclusive nut... here comes the macadamia!



Jivara milk & walnuts

A classic! But Jivara is more than a standard milk chocolate. It has a pronounced cocoa taste which reveals notes of malt and vanilla. Add some walnuts and a sprinkle of fleur de sel to get the upgraded version of the classic cookie recipe!



Ivoire white & pecan

The Winnie is as friendly as its name! Soft and sweet, Ivoire reveals aromas of warm milk, enhanced by a delicate vanilla note. An extra-crisp given by pecan nuts for a very (very) comforting treat. Compare it to a warm blanket in winter.


Sun Bear

Jivara milk & heart of peanut butter

Lovely Dutch people, this cookie has been developed especially for you. First the heart of peanut butter. Then, the cocoa creaminess of Jivara ending with notes of malt and vanilla. You know enough 😉



Cacao & Ivoire white

The milky touch of Ivoire coupled with coca dough makes the Panda an irresistible combination. The smell of this cookie when it comes out of the oven seems to arrive directly from heaven.



Caraïbe dark & pecan

Caraïbe is a perfect example of smooth chocolate with roasted fruit notes, ending on a slightly oaky finish. The intensity of Caraïbe marries perfectly with pecan since it also has a roasty final taste. Ideal cookie for real chocolate lovers.


Kungfu Matcha

Matcha & Jivara milk

We wanted a strongly distinctive cookie. That’s why we decided to ally the grassy flavour of Matcha to the creamy finish of Jivara. This combination is basically an ode to nature on your taste buds.


Hakuna Matcha

Matcha & Ivoire white & raspberry

Incorporating fruits in a cookie? We happily took the challenge. The fresh sweetness of the raspberry matches beautifully with the milky touch of Ivoire. Hakuna Matcha is as graceful as tasteful.